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I just joined in on 'operation gogreen' Its a pledge to give up coffee and drink green tea instead. I joined and now Im really worried how I will be in the morning. I couldnt even give it up when I had my babies, though pregnancy and also when I was breastfeeding. I'm sure the kids have coffee in their blood streams!

I getting a bit BLAH!!! Everyday I revisit my goals. I will be doing the C25K during the 12 weeks, so I will run 5kn non-stop. But haven't fully committed to this one yet, in that tonight it is soooo cold (EXCUSE I KNOW!). I reverted to my familiar cardio session on the Elliptical trainer for 45 mins. (SO i did something). I'm still trying to get my stamina back, but to tell the truth, I didn't go hard enough and I can do more.

OH I JUST UPDATED MY FACEBOOK STATUS to let everyone know Im doing the 12wbt. So I can see who my real friends are and the ones who want to sabotage me.

COFFEE: 3 cups...... this is to be replaced with 'Green tea' from now
WATER: 1 litre