Thursday, June 10, 2010


I just joined in on 'operation gogreen' Its a pledge to give up coffee and drink green tea instead. I joined and now Im really worried how I will be in the morning. I couldnt even give it up when I had my babies, though pregnancy and also when I was breastfeeding. I'm sure the kids have coffee in their blood streams!

I getting a bit BLAH!!! Everyday I revisit my goals. I will be doing the C25K during the 12 weeks, so I will run 5kn non-stop. But haven't fully committed to this one yet, in that tonight it is soooo cold (EXCUSE I KNOW!). I reverted to my familiar cardio session on the Elliptical trainer for 45 mins. (SO i did something). I'm still trying to get my stamina back, but to tell the truth, I didn't go hard enough and I can do more.

OH I JUST UPDATED MY FACEBOOK STATUS to let everyone know Im doing the 12wbt. So I can see who my real friends are and the ones who want to sabotage me.

COFFEE: 3 cups...... this is to be replaced with 'Green tea' from now
WATER: 1 litre

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Energy overload.

Been drinking my water and I feel dehydrated. The more I drink the more I realise that my bod wants it. I have only done about 30 mins per day of cardio but this will be ramped up. I'm just getting some fitness back- i don't want to burn before the start.

What is more annoying than a telemarketer calling when you just sit down for dinner?
Ive put my foot down and regardless if we have had dinner or not I need to get away from the family for my time (whatever time between 5-7pm). I nearly missed a session last night, we had a long day and didnt get home til late. But I did have dinner organised. So I put hubby in charge of cooking and went to do my session.
Well last night hubby comes over to the 'gym garage' and asked me which electricity co we are signed up to, he had a gentleman door knocking to resign everyone in our street. Told him we were already signed with Origin and not to sign anything!
So Im working out hard and he invited the man into the garage, apparently the gentleman was not happy with the answers and need me to sign something. I BLEW IT!
It was MY TIME. I asked him to come back another day as its not an appropriate time right now. I was not happy

So I go have a shower and then I need to put the baby to bed and theres a knock at the door, its him. I want to pretend we are not home. This time, in my pjs I answer the door and I say really its not a good time, my baby is crying and the toddler is calling for me. He just kept pushing> I said sorry and thats it closed the door.

I took my measurements yesterday, Im not happy at all. But at least I can face this and know that I need to work to get where I want to be.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

DAY 2. Bring on the WATER works, but Mum I dont like it

Bring on the WATER, but Mum I dont like it.

Ok the water works are turning on
Im jealous ok Im jealous, my brother just got a new car, I've been saying for months now that I want to upgrade but dont want a car loan...........

oh well. I WILL MAKE HIM CRY- in 12 weeks I will be healthy and proud

A Lightbulb is going off!!!
Ok water is good for us right? YEAH YEAH... 75% of our body is water. Our very survival of the human race depends on it.
It ensures the smooth functioning of our body system. Lack of water in the body tends to give rise to dehydration. Water keeps the digestive system in order and flushes out the waste products from our bodies. Drinking water means more energy = metabolism boost= healthy glowing skin=healthy digestive system=weight loss.

I dont like water, plain water I mean. I don't drink 'fizzy' drinks but I cant do plain water. Actually I can, I know I can. In summer I can quickly and easily drink it, but I have to be in the mood.
Ive been really depriving my body of moisture. When I turned 30, no one believed me, they thought I was in my early 20s. Im only a wee bit older now, but Ive aged about 10 years, I thought it was from having two babies and lack of sleep etc etc etc. Its from not looking after me.

So here I make a pledge. I will drink 2 litres of water per day. Starting today. Yesterday I managed 3 cups, and only because I made myself do it.

I am on track with my pre-season goals too so Im ok.

  1. Coffee consumption- 2 cups plus a chai latte (I will give those up too for the 12wbt)
  2. Water intake- 1 litre

I still dont like water.................

Saturday, June 5, 2010


No that's not me below, I will take my BEFORE shots today. I don't know if I'm brave enough to publish them, but lets see. I just found my camera yesterday, I just need to find a tape measure. I am not going by the scales as such, but by energy levels and the new clothes I will reward myself with.

Well this is really a long time overdue, I have mucked around tooooo long with my health and fitness. You know what I'm looking forward (HAHA) to feeling a little pain and soreness, Ive missed that feeling of knowing my bod is happy.

OK So Ive signed up to be trained/coached by Michelle Bridges. This is so exciting. Today happens to be 100 days from the new me. So I was going to count down, but I'll be normal and start at DAY 1! YEAH

I really need this for ME and for my family. I may look (ok) on the outside, but inside I am not. I need this and I'm committed fully.

So Michelle has given some pre-season tasks. The real 12 weeks starts on the 21st June but I start today with the next 16 days a warm up to the big event. I'm getting into the habit of clean eating and exercises. I haven't done either since I was 6 months pregnant with my first born. Its a long story, so lets just start from here.
I've decided to take it one day at a time, I've set my goals. I'll do the best i can do each day to achieve them and push myself like I never have before. I find if i think about the whole 12 weeks I will get overwhelmed I may start to doubt myself. SO day by day STEP BY STEP!!

I think today is a great day to start. I wanted to begin last week but (Here are the EXCUSES creeping in!!!) my two little babies were ill and then I caught it too. But after a bit of an inside struggle, I have made my peace and accept that I could not control it.

So here we go.


One of my goals is to cut down the coffees to one in the morning. I can do this, but if you know me well this is a huge task.
I've had one already and I WILL only have one more- that is planned and allow due to me visiting my parents. I need top be social, but will only have one. Im excited that i will give green tea a chance in my life.

It is disturbing how much information is out there about fat loss and losing weight?'s everywhere!! Do this, do that, don't do this, eat this then don't eat it or eat it but not too much of it!! No wonder one can go completely nuts and loose it!!

BUT Mish B, THANK YOU. Thx in advance you inspiring woman.