Saturday, June 5, 2010


No that's not me below, I will take my BEFORE shots today. I don't know if I'm brave enough to publish them, but lets see. I just found my camera yesterday, I just need to find a tape measure. I am not going by the scales as such, but by energy levels and the new clothes I will reward myself with.

Well this is really a long time overdue, I have mucked around tooooo long with my health and fitness. You know what I'm looking forward (HAHA) to feeling a little pain and soreness, Ive missed that feeling of knowing my bod is happy.

OK So Ive signed up to be trained/coached by Michelle Bridges. This is so exciting. Today happens to be 100 days from the new me. So I was going to count down, but I'll be normal and start at DAY 1! YEAH

I really need this for ME and for my family. I may look (ok) on the outside, but inside I am not. I need this and I'm committed fully.

So Michelle has given some pre-season tasks. The real 12 weeks starts on the 21st June but I start today with the next 16 days a warm up to the big event. I'm getting into the habit of clean eating and exercises. I haven't done either since I was 6 months pregnant with my first born. Its a long story, so lets just start from here.
I've decided to take it one day at a time, I've set my goals. I'll do the best i can do each day to achieve them and push myself like I never have before. I find if i think about the whole 12 weeks I will get overwhelmed I may start to doubt myself. SO day by day STEP BY STEP!!

I think today is a great day to start. I wanted to begin last week but (Here are the EXCUSES creeping in!!!) my two little babies were ill and then I caught it too. But after a bit of an inside struggle, I have made my peace and accept that I could not control it.

So here we go.


One of my goals is to cut down the coffees to one in the morning. I can do this, but if you know me well this is a huge task.
I've had one already and I WILL only have one more- that is planned and allow due to me visiting my parents. I need top be social, but will only have one. Im excited that i will give green tea a chance in my life.

It is disturbing how much information is out there about fat loss and losing weight?'s everywhere!! Do this, do that, don't do this, eat this then don't eat it or eat it but not too much of it!! No wonder one can go completely nuts and loose it!!

BUT Mish B, THANK YOU. Thx in advance you inspiring woman.

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